Generate letter-based default avatars in JavaScript

Many websites take the first letters from a user’s names to generate their default avatar. It is similar to monograms. If you have to achieve this in JavaScript, I found using Unicode property escapes Regular Expressions is the easiest.

I recently worked on a React and GraphQL based project. In our project, we asked users to set their display names, but they don’t have to use their real names, it’s a single text field with a limit of 30 characters.

Based on the product specification, a user’s default avatar, if they haven’t uploaded an image, should be the first character of their display name contained in a circle with a background color.

A circle with a light to darker blue gradient background, and a letter “A” in the center.
An example avatar.

The chosen character must be one that is commonly used as a “letter” in any given language. For example, a Latin letter like “A”, a Chinese character like “”. But it shouldn’t be an emoji, a symbol, or punctuation. For example, if your display name is “🍣~Sushi Lover~”, your default avatar should display a letter “S”.

Because this is about text processing, I thought I should explore my options with Regular Expression first. And luckily, I found Unicode property escapes. Here is my code:

function genAvatar(name) {
try {
// Match General_Category=Letter
const match = name.match(/\p{L}/u);
return (match && match[0]) || null;
} catch {
return name[0] || null;

It has great browser support. Here are a few things worth noting:

You can do so much more with it. It’s particularly useful when you need to handle non-Latin cases. Since this is all new to me, I’m gonna stop here before I spread any misinformation. But I recommend to dig into the MDN article and those linked standard pages if you want to do more research.