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I’m a web developer who enjoys drawing and loves Disney. On this website, I write my opinions about web design and development, Disney, and other interesting things in my life. I also post some of my doodlings.

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Regina Spektor

Last Saturday, we went to our 2nd Regina Spektor concert this year. We went to see her at Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA back in March, and had a really great time. After we came back home, I saw she was coming to Woodinville, WA, about 3 miles from our house.

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Using DOMTokenList

DOMTokenList is a built-in DOM interface that represents a set of string tokens. If you are familiar with classList, you are already familiar with it. In a recent project, I wanted to make a custom element property as a DOMTokenList, here’s what I learned.

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HTML isn’t GUI

Many web developers take design mockups a bit too literally–thinking the rendered webpages should visually match the mockups. While it’s crucial to carry the visual design over to the coded webpages, there’s much more to our works than just making visual copies of mockups. We develop user interfaces that can be understood and interacted with by different people with different tools.

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